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Experience the Power of a Certified PreOwned RAM 

When Kentuckiana drivers are looking for a powerful, dependable, affordable vehicle to handle their toughest jobs, the staff of Oxmoor CDJR always points to its outstanding certified RAM lineup. Like its other Dodge cousins, RAMs offer customers the strength, style, and reliability that local Louisville truck buyers have come to respect. Purchasing a Certified Used RAM gives Kentucky car buyers the added bonuses of an outstanding warranty and a reduced price. 

Though Louisville area auto buyers are often associated with Ford F-150’s, Certified RAM trucks have long been a strong competitor in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana market. Why? Because RAM trucks offer an impressive combination of technology, comfort features, and hauling capability that local drivers want at prices they can afford. Strength and dependability are RAM hallmarks and an Oxmoor CDJR Certified PreOwned RAM offers everything that discriminating Louisville buyers look for in a truck.

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Certified Used RAM Trucks – Louisville‘s Top Choice for Big Jobs

Whether you’re hauling a family or a heavy payload to a construction site, a Certified PreOwned RAM will get the job done. CPO RAMs seamlessly blend innovative engineering and luxurious comfort. Louisville area drivers appreciate how CPO RAMs effortlessly handle every possible situation. A favorite with families and professionals alike, a Certified Dodge RAM consistently ranks at the top of local Louisville used truck buyer lists.  

A Certified Used Dodge RAM deftly straddles the line between hard-working professional tool and indispensable family vehicle. Equally capable of transporting business equipment or your kids’ sports equipment, a CPO RAM has the versatility to address any of life’s many needs.  

Certified PreOwned RAM Truck Powertrain Limited Warranty

The peace of mind the Certified PreOwned RAM warranty provides begins with an outstanding Powertrain Limited Warranty, offering an impressive 7 Years / 100,000 miles of protection. While competing auto brands only cover their vehicles from the date of manufacture, Certified Pre-Owned Dodge warranties start from the original date of sale. That’s just one advantage of owning a CPO RAM truck.  

Need more convincing? Certified PreOwned RAM warranties cover the repair or replacement of most major components within the powertrain such as the engine, transmission, and driveline. That ultimately translates into less money spent on your vehicle and more time to spend on your normal activities. Note that a deductible may apply per covered repair visit.

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Learn about the Dodge Certified Vehicle Maximum Care Warranty

In addition to offering an excellent powertrain limited warranty, each certified vehicle comes with Dodge’s Maximum Care warranty, featuring a fantastic 3 month / 3,000 mile warranty starting on the certified vehicle’s date of purchase. Ask any of our local Kentucky or Southern Indiana customers and they’re undoubtedly rave about the fact that Maximum Care covers almost every component in a RAM truck. That’s over 5,000 different parts! 

Not only that, every Maximum Care option offers premium benefits guaranteed to save RAM drivers cash long into the future. Among the benefits that Maximum Care offers are a $100 Deductible, $35 First Day Rental, Car Rental Allowance, $100 Towing/ Roadside Assistance, and $1,000 Trip Interruption Protection. The Certified PreOwned RAM warranty provides outstanding protection and keeps you on the road without incurring unnecessary personal cost. 

Certified PreOwned RAM Lifetime Certified Upgrade Plans 

Not only does do certified RAM trucks offer an excellent 7 year / 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and Maximum Care, buyers of a CPO Dodge are eligible for a choice of three Lifetime Certified Upgrade Plans. Starting on the date of purchase, these plans include items such as Complementary Mopar® Vehicle Protection, Powertrain Care, and Added Care Plus. 



 Eligible Vehicles
All FCA US LLC Certified Vehicles with a 7-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty and with no more than 74,999 miles are eligible. Lifetime Certified Upgrade Plans exclude all SRT® vehicles, diesel equipped and all Ram Cab/Chassis and hybrid vehicles, as well as vehicles used for police service, taxi, limousine, postal delivery or ambulance service.

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