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Just like your home’s air conditioning system, your vehicle’s air conditioner is vulnerable to wear and malfunctions over time. The cooling system can start to struggle. The heater may fail to turn on. The airflow itself can grow weaker and weaker over time. Whether you want to cool down in the summer or warm up your car on a cold winter morning, good maintenance is key. Learn more about your car’s air conditioning system and how Oxmoor Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can keep your system in great shape.

How Your Car’s Air Conditioning Works

Your car’s air conditioning system operates in a continuous loop once it’s turned on. The system contains refrigerant (usually R-134a Freon), which is continuously cycled between liquid and gas states. It uses the resulting temperature difference in the different states to regulate the temperature throughout your car.

Starting at your car’s air compressor, the refrigerant is a gas. The air compressor clutch squeezes the gas refrigerant, and that pressure transforms it into a high-pressure state. The refrigerant then reaches the air conditioning condenser — this is the assembly that looks like a grate at the front of your car near the radiator. There, the air conditioning fan blows air over the condenser to cool the gas refrigerant and turn it into a liquid. This step disperses the collected heat in the refrigerant and pushes it out of the car.

Next, the refrigerant travels to the receiver drier, which removes moisture and contamination from the air conditioning system. This helps preserve and protect the air conditioner, which can start to heat up or malfunction without this step.

After that, the (still liquid) refrigerant goes to either an expansion valve or an orifice tube, which transfers refrigerant to the low-pressure half of the system. The refrigerant expands, turning into gas and cooling rapidly. Now, the cold refrigerant enters the evaporator. There, an air conditioner fan blows across the evaporator containing the liquid refrigerant, cools the air, and sends the cool air into the cabin.

When its cooling power is exhausted, the refrigerant goes back to the air conditioning compressor. This loop is continuous, with portions of the refrigerant undergoing each stage at all times.

Your car’s conditioning system handles a lot of different tasks. Aside from cooling and heating the cabin of your car, it also controls the temperature of your engine. As the air conditioning blower fan pushes cold air into your car, the refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the engine. Without that crucial step, your engine can overheat, and some of the components may have shorter life spans. Even if you don’t mind a warm cabin, getting regular maintenance is crucial.

Air Conditioning Repair Services From Oxmoor Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Oxmoor Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is your go-to destination for new and used vehicles, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and Mopar parts, and repair and maintenance services. We offer fast tuneups, preventive maintenance checks, and air conditioning repairs to customers all over Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Jeffersonville, Indiana. Our air conditioning repair services include:

Air Conditioning Performance Checks

We recommend getting an air conditioning performance check once a year. During this service, our certified technician will examine your air conditioning system for common issues such as refrigerant leaks, loose fittings, worn O-rings, and dirty receiver driers. Our team will replace worn and broken parts to ensure your car’s air conditioning system is giving its best possible performance during both the summer and the winter.

In the event that we uncover any damage to your air conditioning system, our technicians can also check under the hood for signs of heat damage. A failing air conditioner not only makes for an uncomfortable cabin, but it threatens your engine, too.

Refrigerant Leak Repairs

A refrigerant leak is one of the most common air conditioner malfunctions. A torn supply line, loose gasket, or shredded O-ring can make refrigerant drip out of the system. This lowers the pressure, meaning your car will lose cooling power over time. If you notice that your air conditioner just isn’t getting the job done anymore, bring it in for a quick inspection and repair. Our technicians can also add more refrigerant to bring that pressure level and cooling power back to normal.

Freon Replacement (Air Conditioner Recharge)

Most vehicles lose Freon over time. At around 100,000 miles, your car may need an air conditioner recharge to top off the missing refrigerant. Our team will fill your refrigerant lines with the proper refrigerant for your car’s make and model, check for malfunctions or damage, and make sure you’re ready for thousands more miles on the road.

Freon FAQs

What Is Freon?

Freon is the most common refrigerant used in both buildings and cars. It can hold and release a tremendous amount of ambient heat, which allows your car’s air conditioning system to release heat out of the front of your car and blow cold air into the cabin. Vehicles generally use one of two types of Freon: R-12 Freon or R-134a Freon. Because R-12 Freon is bad for the environment and has been banned, cars manufactured after 1994 use R-134a.

What If You Have an Older Car?

If your car was manufactured before 1994, it relies on a type of Freon that has been restricted by the EPA. Most vehicles can be retrofitted with a system that uses a more modern, less environmentally harmful version of Freon.

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner’s Freon?

Your car’s Freon doesn’t need to be replaced like oil. Instead, your system may develop a slow leak that will lower the amount of Freon (and the amount of pressure) in the cooling system. If your air conditioner isn’t performing as well as it should, it’s time to schedule a checkup and air conditioner recharge.

Our team at Oxmoor Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has the expertise and the experience to keep your car in excellent condition. Schedule an appointment with us for air conditioner checkups, routine repairs, and more. We provide Mopar parts and accessories for long-lasting performance and safety.